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Most quries can be resolved in our F.A.Q. below
Alternatively you can contact our support desk on 012 LEGENDS (534 3637)

F.A.Q Support

How do i topup?

You can request a topup using the Legends Connect website portal or by using the Legends Connect app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device availible from the links provided below.You can also reply to any of your bandwidth SMS notification for example: “Topup 1 gig”.

I do not have internet access what must i do?

90% of customer problems reside on their own internal infrastructure. Please do the following: Restart your PC. Some internal network problems can be resolved this way. Using the support app (links availible below) sumbit a support ticket for assistance from our support desk.
Alternatively call our support team on 012 LEGENDS during regular business hours. Our support specialists can determine whether connectivity is delivered to your Fibre router (If Fibre) or Antenna (If a wireless service).
If so, there is a problem beyond our point of service delivery. As described in the user agreement outlined in our terms and conditions.
If the problem is on our network it will be resolved free of charge.
If the problem resides on your own network, you will have the option of telephonic or remote desktop support at R150 per hour or part thereof, or requesting a callout for Legends Connect a technician at R 500 per hour or part thereof.
In case of a known outage, customers may be sent notifications by SMS or email.

What connectivity speeds can be expected?

Connectivity speed is expressly not guaranteed on home installations. All service is provided on a best effort basis.Speeds may burst higher at times, depending on local and national network conditions. If guaranteed speed with redundancy is required, then (CIR) committed information rate solutions with a service level agreement that sets forth the standards can be offered. This is, however, mostly cost-effective for corporate users.

Where does Legends Connect’s service end?

Legends Connect’s service ends at the end-point of the Fibre connecting device (If a fibre service) or Ethernet cable which comes from your wireless antenna (if a wireless service), as defined in the user agreement. Any technical problem before that point is our responsibility. Any problems beyond that point is your responsibility.
Legends Connect is an internet service provider which delivers fibre or wireless internet to an outdoor antenna. This is where our service ends. For the purpose of this explanation, wireless internet shall be defined as long range wireless data transmission in the 5.8GHz frequency spectrum.
Our service expressly excludes WiFi service and performance, even if it is on equipment that we have supplied – i.e. a WiFi router. For the purpose of this explanation, WiFi service shall be defined as a local wireless environment in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum.
Legends Connect can assist in providing wireless access equipment for creating a personal wireless network inside homes or offices. However, there is no guarantee of any kind on coverage or performance of WiFi equipment. If a user as problems with speed or performance, Legends Connect will only test performance at the network point of your Ethernet cable. Problems and investigation on your WiFi network will be billable at standard rates.

What They Say About Us.

  • Great service with relatively fast and stable connection. More importantly for me, when there is a technical issue Legends Connect sends a notification to their clients informing us of what is wrong and how it will be fixed. Better customer service than what I've ever experienced before from an Internet provider.

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    Tayla Freedman Facebook
  • Service is great, Speed is like advertised. What more can you ask for.

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    John-Albert Manning Facebook